The Finn

The Finn Lead lifting Weights, a new Concept in Fishing. Bringing Angling into The 21st Century. The Finn weights work in the following way; •Aerodynamic for casting. •Built in lead lift. •Doesn't roll along the bottom like ordinary plain weights. •Ideal for all beach and pier fishing. At last a weight that will help in less tackle being lost. The Finn design will help the weight to lift and plane up in the water. It will also lie flat on the bottom of the sea bed. The Finn Breakfree and Fixed Wire weights have two wires instead of four. The reason for this is simple: the design of the weight is such that it wants to lie flat on the sea bed, so two wires bent in opposite directions to the Finns is all you need to hold bottom. The Breakfrees are great for holding in slack tides or gentle tides, the Fixed Wires are for stronger tides and also can be used uptiding from boats. As tried and tested these weights work extremely well, just give them a try, the weights speak for themselves. Great for Mackerel and Bass spinning. We have already had some great feedback from everyone that has tried them. Perfect for distance casting, the Finn Lead Lifting Pirks work extremly well; •Fast sinking •Lots of movement when worked •Their shape imitates a distressed fish or a decent sized squid They work well for all our preditary fish (Cod, Pollack, Ling, Coalfish and Bass etc). They have many adaptations they can be used with Muppetts, Feathers, Jelly Worms, Shads, Bait in fact any thing you can think of. Patricia and Graham have been making Rigs, Weights and Pirks for many years, only buying from British suppliers even down to their local printers and bag makers, and are proud to say 'made in the UK'.
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